About Us

Through his years of nuclear and electrical operations and construction management, Bob Prowant learned that he could more effectively manage his projects and teams by creating and managing work using a units-based approach. During his career, he incrementally began to use technology to create and manage his work. He quickly learned that he could maximize productivity and profitability, while reducing uncertainty in projects.
In 2002 he contracted with a small IT firm to develop a web based units tracking system. The system was very limited but proved effective in managing Distribution based units work.
In 2006, after multiple iterations of software solutions, Bob met Brett Houghton, a software engineer with years of experience creating enterprise-level, mission-critical applications. The two of them worked together to architect and build an enterprise database solution for units-based project management for a large electrical contractor. This system expanded projects managed from pure Overhead Distribution work to URD, Substation, Transmission, Gas Distribution, and Gas Transmission.
The project was very successful, helping the contractor to increase their profitability and reliability.
While the software was working well, it was clear to Bob and Brett that this type of software should really be implemented at the utility level, and the idea of UnitsPro was born.
In late 2014, Bob and Brett came back together with the goal of bringing UnitsPro to life. Version 1 went into beta testing in April of 2015 and is currently in quiet production.
In August of 2016, we released UnitsPro 4.0, a full life-cycle version that helps utilities and their contractors manage a project from inception to close out, taking utility project management to the next level. UnitsPro 4.0 is designed to manage a project completely and includes every element needed to do so, such as design, estimating, bid tracking, bid award, scheduling and cash flow, completion reporting, billing, time entry (labor & equipment), change order management, and project close out.
Let us show you what UnitsPro can do for you.